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Residential Moves

No matter what type of residenital property you live in, our company will help you complete the moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. All you have to do is pick up your phone.

Commercial Moves

Afu moving has had two decades of cooperation with over one hunderd public companies in Vancouver. Whether it is office handling, cargo handling, or large-scale equipment handling, Afu moving is capble. Reputation and credibility speak for us.


Piano pro moving

As the only company in Canada equipped with professional piano handling robots, we proudly express to our customers that we are the most professional piano mover in Canada. Whether it‘s grand piano or upright piano, we can move it efficiently.


Furniture assembling, junk removal, furniture recycling, and box rental are all within the scope of our services. Satisfaction is guaranteed and the price is reasonable.



AFu Moving  started in 2000 with a radical promise to our customers. Our founder AFu thought too many moving companies in Greater Vancouver were not treating their customers fairly. Fed up with their unscrupulous practices, he set out to change the industry for good. AFu founded his own moving business with the radical goal of making a moving company truly dedicated to serving its populace.

AFu Moving has been in business for over 20 years. AFu’s rise to the top of the Greater Vancouver moving company podium is a result of our tireless hard work. Each year we moves 3,500 clients, both from their apartments and their offices. No matter where our customers are moving or how much stuff they’re taking with them, they can expect the same quality of service from AFu’s highly experienced team of moving specialists.

AFu’s goal was to prove that a successful moving company could treat its customers equitably. 20 years later, AFu Moving still has the same goal: we strive to provide all our moving customers in Canada, with the same high-quality service at a fair price.

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